About Us

Food & Figure was first created in Jan 2014 by Scott Caponi. Working full-time as a personal trainer at the time, Scott kept running into the same issues with many of his clients over and over again. While many of his clients were able to create and maintain a healthy work/life balance, many of his clients were having trouble with balancing a proper diet. 

Many clients worked long hours, some didn’t have the time to go grocery shopping, and there were plenty of clients that didn’t know how. As a solution to these problems, Scott began cooking for these clients in their homes on a weekly basis and provided them with a much healthier alternative to the takeout and frozen dinners his clients were used to. Now those clients who work long hours are saving about fifteen hours per week now that they don’t have to buy their groceries, cook dinner every night and do any major cleaning associated with preparing a full meal. 

Since the company was started in 2014, we’ve grown out of cooking in our clients’ homes and working out of commercial kitchen spaces. We now offer prepared meal delivery, personal chef, catering and personal training services.

Scott Caponi

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